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Gospel Tidbit
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By Gary James Smith
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I was working out in Calgary and commuting from a small community 5o miles away, Beiseker, Alberta.
I was staying with a couple of my sons and a grandson and so was away from my wife and family who
lived a further hundred miles south east. I had wanted to go and spend some time with them but was low
on gas funds. I had gotten up early and headed into Beiseker for a coffee. My grandson had asked me
the night before "grandpa are you going home for the weekend?" I said , " I would love to but am short
on gas." As we were all in the same prediciment, I knew that I would be staying in Beiseker as well for
the weekend, Or so I thought. Earlier in the week I had purchased a tire patching kit as I had had a flat
tire on a trailer I was using. This kit contained what you would call a plug. That is a piece of rubber
that you put on a thing that is needle like and insert it into the hole in the tire. I had found them
to work quite effectively. I had this repair kit in my tool box in the trunk of the car when I went
for coffee. Upon arriving at the service station , I noticed a large gravel truck with a pup trailer
pulled up alongside the air pump. A Pakistani truck driver was trying to put air in one of the rear
tires on the pup trailer. He was on his cell phone chatting with someone in a discouraging tone of voice.
I walked over to where he was and noticed that the air pressure read only thirty pounds. I then tried
to get the pressure guage to read higher as his truck tires could hold at least ninety pounds. He
kept looking at me as if I was some kind of nut. Where I put my hand on top of the rear tire as I was
trying to set the machine, I could feel air coming out. By the grace of God, I had my hand on the
exact location of the leak. He was still chatting away in his language to someone on the other end.
I motioned to him with my hands, which meant, ah, wait a minute, I think I can help you. Of course
he didn't have a clue as to what I was talking about. I walked over to my car and grabbed my tool
box and returned to where he was still looking at me incredulously. I then motioned to him as best
I could that I think that I could alleviate him from distress, and help him get on his way to make
money again. I pulled the plug from my tool box and after rasping the area with a tool that comes
along with the kit, I inserted the plug. I cut the excess material off at tire level and then
checked the pressure in his other tires on the trailer. Sure enough, they were ninety pounds. I
began to fill his tire with air to the ninety pound mark and upon doing this , placed some saliva on
the leaking spot and lo and behold, no leak. I then obtained some water from the service station
to double check and praise God the plug worked! I said to the fella, now you can keep working, have
a great day. He said, what do I owe you, I said nothing. He then pulled out his wallet and handed
me a twenty dollar bill. You could tell by the change in his voice in talking to the fellow on the
line as well as his picturesque smile that he was a happy camper. That gave me enough gas money
to make it home for the weekend. As I didn't go back to Beiseker to tell the rest of the fellows
what had happened, they were surprised to find me not there when they awoke. When I came back
early Monday morning to pick them up for work in Calgary my grandson said, "grandpa where were you
all weekend, I said, I went home to Champion, he said, I thought that you didn't have any gas money. I
said I didn't but God blessed me with an opportunity to fix a fellow's tire in Beiseker who gave
me twenty dollars for my effort. Have we got a wonderful God or what!

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Submitted: Friday, September 16, 2011

Last Updated: Friday, September 16, 2011

About the Poet
I came to know the Lord as my personal Saviour in January of 1972. I was married on Oct 21,1966 to my wife Linda who also loves the Lord. We have ten children and now twenty-four grand children. In Aug 2012 we got the announcement of the birth of our first GREAT grand child (a baby girl). I was thrilled to find others of like precious faith and belief in Jesus Christ. Hallelujah! What a Savior! I am presently living in Champion, Alberta, Canada but we are originally from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada. That is where the poem Canadian Tribute to America was birthed. One Sunday as I walked across the city on my way to church I came to the top of a hill and looked across at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. After watching the events of the Sept 11 tragedy it was weighing on my heart and mind and the Lord gave me these words. We came to Calgary and when my oldest daughter saw this poem she said, �Dad, what�s this?� and I said a poem and she replied �Dad, that�s not a poem , that�s a song� and she then went to the piano and began to sing and play it. The result of which turned into a song entitled, A Canadian Tribute to America which she recorded on CD. garyjamessmith2005@yahoo.ca

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