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Chime Of The Day

August 16, 2017

The Body of Christ Needs to Bring H
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By James Pemberton
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Christ’ Body Must Bring Love and Healing!  Not Division!


Someone I know, quit church because

of a dispute that had arisen.

There was someone she knew… 

But she didn’t want to be near him!


She told others that she heard God’s voice in the matter.

But what followed next was a lot of gossip and chatter.


The choice she made…  She had made it very clear.

She decided that she would no longer be coming here!


I think about how God’s heart must have been broken.

By the kinds of words that she had already spoken!


I don’t think this brings honor

to Christ’ holy name.

It sounds like she just wants someone else to blame!


Jesus gave us his love to share with another.

Even if we’re having trouble

with another sister or brother.


The body of Christ needs to heal the hurt and brokenness.

We all need to seek God’s restoration and forgiveness!


Let’s apply the truth of God’s word,

for our lives to build upon!

Jesus is here!  And is always someone

that we can depend on!


As Christ’ body, we all need to pray

 that we’ll rise above…

And come together in God’s

 wholeness and eternal love!


By Jim Pemberton   (c) 2014

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Submitted: Friday, February 28, 2014

Last Updated: Friday, February 28, 2014

About the Poet
Married with 4 children. Do volunteer work involving distribution of food in reaching out to others. Many of the poems I have written are a reflection of times of adversity...but also times of God's faithfulness to us. I find opportunities to share some of my poems with people whom are "hurting." During this time of "economic downtown," I feel encouraged to share the Lord with more people, I am thankful of receiving reports of the poems touching people's lives. Praise the Lord! I was laid off for 3 years and our family is blessed to be able to give to others, and God's love as well! Jesus truly is a solid rock during this time of much uncertainty....

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