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This is Her Life
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By Geneva Poynter
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At five went to school
She was no one's fool
Escape little brothers, you see.

Mom taught to read and write
She worked with all her might
Held pencil and paper with glee.

Christmas  gifts were oranges and candy
When little we thought it was just dandy
There were none for the older three.

At church we sang of sweet little Jesus boy
His birth, the theme, not getting a toy
In church she bowed both heart and knee.

Animals inside the barn were led
All waiting there to be fed
Milking done by Dad and brothers three.

Farm life meant lots of hard work
For all us - never shirk
Monthly there'd be a singing spree.

Life was work - hand to mouth
That was her life in the South
Nothing on that farm came for free.

At seventeen she fled from there
To get a job she knew not where
Found a church - the place to be.

Loved this new and wonderful place
Started learning to grow in Grace
Where people bowed the heart and knee.

Met a young man just out of uniform
His life was vital - not the average norm
He liked neither grits nor black-eyed peas.

Married at twenty-one - he at twenty-five
Both worked to pay rent - stay alive
Life was not calm - some stormy seas.

He liked cars - four on the floor
She liked singing, friends, not much more
God gave three "kids" - one precious son to keep.

After all those boys - now GRANDdaughters three
Just too good to be true she thought with glee
She'd baby sit and give out love for free!

Now, life can be lonely at times
She fills the hours making rhymes
She thanks God for mem'ries at times like these.

Time for doing some planning now
God will guide and show her how
He'll work things together for her good.

In all her ways she'll acknowledge Him
and He will direct her path.

Geneva Poynter

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Submitted: Saturday, June 4, 2011

Last Updated: Saturday, June 4, 2011

About the Poet
I asked Jesus to be my Savior when I was 11 - that was almost 70 years ago as of June 2015. My husband and I had been married for 54 years as of March 2010 before he went Home to Heaven, and we have one son & daughter in law and 3 grandchildren.

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