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Marriage Is One Man and One Woman..
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By James Pemberton
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God Designed Marriage As One Woman and One Man…


There’s a design of God since the beginning of time.

He used this in his creation to begin mankind.


In the beginning, there was one God and one voice.

He created Adam and Eve as his divine choice.


He created opposite sexes for a purpose and a reason.

He encouraged them to multiply throughout the seasons.


There is a truth in Genesis that was made quite clear.

His purpose for one woman and one man was sincere.


Marriage is something that’s been

 kicked around and abused.

God gave us his word to read, obey and use!


No courts or legislatures can wipe away

 God’s true meaning.

It’s the truth of his word,

that we should all be receiving!


If this causes you confusion… 

You needn’t be confused any longer.

There is a Godly purpose for marriage,

 that can make you stronger!


It’s God’s word, not what man says, that we need to obey!

Don’t look to the constitution!  Listen to what God has to say!


May the word of God remove the confusion

sweeping this land.

His design for marriage will always be…

  One woman and one man!


By Jim Pemberton   (c) 2015

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Submitted: Friday, June 26, 2015

Last Updated: Friday, June 26, 2015

About the Poet
I and my wife have 4 grown children and currently live in the Pacific Northwest. I've spent much of my life doing volunteer work in the food distribution for the needy among local churches. Many of the poems I've written are a reflection of times of adversity as a reminder of God's love and faithfulness. I've found many opportunities to share my poems with those who are hurting and discouraged. I'm thankful for the reports of many of the poems touching people's lives. I hope that the poems included on Wordchimes will touch and bless your life too!

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