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Christmas Traditions
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By J. Mollett
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Christmas Traditions


Christmas Traditions,
Each of us, has our own special ways to
decorate for the holidays. Different kinds
of traditions in each family, some handed
down from generations. I even heard mention,
you don't put icicles  on a Christmas
Tree. Don't recall hearing that before.

Christmas Traditions,
I've seen different kinds of Christmas trees,
some without icicles. It depends on what
kind of decorations, too. As far back as I can
remember, our family uses icicles. I
learned something new about the Christmas tree,
awhile back. Never thought of it that way,
it's truely wonderful.

Christmas Traditions,
I've discovered a new way to celebrate
the Christmas season. Jesus' birthday. I
thought about the items I use on my
Christmas Tree. After the story about the
Christmas tree.

The Christmas Tree

Green Christmas Tree = New Life.
Lights = Light of Christ.
Garland = The Lord is holding us.
Ornaments = Making christmas personal.
Candy Canes = The story about the Candy Cane,
about Jesus.
Icicles= The lights reflect off the icickles,
to help light up our paths along the way.
Reflect = Reflecting time to think
about life. What we made of it.

There's alot more about a Christmas tree, you see.
It's not just a tree. When you decorate for Christmas,
when you setup the Christmas Tree. Stop and think
what the true meaning of it is.

2002 (C) Christmas Traditions
By Jean M Gutermuth

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Submitted: Saturday, December 28, 2002

Last Updated: Friday, December 4, 2009

About the Poet
I'm married. I am a grandmother. I love poetry, reading and writing it. Someone inspired me to start writing poetry again. That person is my Pastor.

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