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Dialogue with Jesus
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By Christine Tate
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Dialogue with Jesus

ACT 1 Monday

Precious child come sup with me,
together just us two...
let us enjoy fellowship
I'm waiting here for you!

I'm on the run Lord
thank you for the invite,
I have other plans this minute
but perhaps another night?

Knock, knock, hello there?
I hoped I'd find you in...
can you sup with me today,
I've wondered where you've been?

Oh Lord how thoughtful,
but this isn't good for me,
I've a million things to do,
and I'm already late you see!

Anybody home, it's Jesus,
thought I'd catch you early...
are you available now
to have a chat with me?

I'm so sorry Lord,
I'd love to talk alone,
but this is an important call
and I can't hang up the phone!

ACT 2  Friday

Lord, where are you?
please answer when I pray...
I need your help immediately
don't turn your ear away!

Lord, heaven is as brass
I need a quick reply,
my burden is too heavy,
I think I'm going to die!

Have pity I beg you Lord,
I've been waiting patiently,
I thought you're always there
to take good care of me?

Child, I've never left you
and I've heard your plea,
but remember it was YOU
too pre-occupied for ME!

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Submitted: Monday, December 26, 2011

Last Updated: Tuesday, December 27, 2011

About the Poet
Christian since 1973, widowed in 2007, but by the divine appt. of God, I married a wonderful, godly widower in Oct. 2010. Three grown, married sons and eight grandchildren. My first love is Jesus who inspires my pen, for apart from Him I can do nothing! I desire to honor the Lord and edify readers thru poetry He inspires.

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