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In the Nik of Time
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By Christine Tate
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In the Nik of Time

In seclusion You formed me,
I was intricately designed...
before my earthly debut

You had a plan in mind.
You've monitored my actions,
know every thought and deed,
saw me fall and stumble
and heard me cry and plead!
You know about the dead end
and sour notes I hit,
the mistakes, wrong choices,
and times I wanted to quit.

You watched me take a detour
on a quest to find the truth,
when I turned to WITCHCRAFT
in the innocence of youth.
You let me have my way,
until the day assigned,
when You convicted me of sin
and my whole life re-aligned.
You sent the Holy Spirit
just in the nik of time,
knocked me to my knees
and saved me from sin's slime!

O' that memorable moment
forever etched in me,
when You revealed the truth,
and made my eyes to see!
You've slowly been replacing
the mindsets that restrict,
and loosed the chains of
ignorance that painfully afflict!
Thru the valleys and tunnels,
and treacherous terrain,
slippery slopes and deserts,
and in torrential rain,

You've led this tarnished soul,
this tiny grain of sand;
how can this earthen vessel
ever hope to understand?
Lord You've been my guide,
a lamp unto my feet,
and promised to abide with me
til my journey here's complete.
You never once told me
to try and comprehend,
only asked I walk by faith
and trust You til the end.
One day You'll call me home
and I shall see Your face,
as I enter heaven's portal
by God's amazing grace! 



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Submitted: Monday, January 19, 2015

Last Updated: Tuesday, January 20, 2015

About the Poet
Christian since 1973, widowed in 2007, but by the divine appt. of God, I married a wonderful, godly widower in Oct. 2010. Three grown, married sons and eight grandchildren. My first love is Jesus who inspires my pen, for apart from Him I can do nothing! I desire to honor the Lord and edify readers thru poetry He inspires.

Other Poems by Christine Tate

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