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By Christine Tate
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Society places image
up high on its list
while one's spiritual state
is quickly dismissed.

Consider this:

When your eyes don't sparkle
and your vision grows dim,
you put on some weight
and are no longer trim,
once luxurious hair 
has begun to recede,
and the words on a page
are too hard to read,
you look in a mirror
and what do you see?
new wrinkles and crow's feet
as plain as can be....

Consider this:

When looks start to fade
what will you do?
you'd better get ready
to meet the real you!
The heart is called wicked
by our all knowing God
who judges our motives
not the outward facade.
So what is the image
you want others to see...
A superficial vaneer
or God's inner beauty?

The world applauds looks
but your spirit lives on
long after your body
and good looks are gone.
Before life is over
please turn to the one
who died to redeem you,
Christ Jesus, God's Son....









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Submitted: Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Last Updated: Wednesday, May 21, 2014

About the Poet
Christian since 1973, widowed in 2007, but by the divine appt. of God, I married a wonderful, godly widower in Oct. 2010. Three grown, married sons and eight grandchildren. My first love is Jesus who inspires my pen, for apart from Him I can do nothing! I desire to honor the Lord and edify readers thru poetry He inspires.

Other Poems by Christine Tate

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