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Between Two Lakes
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By Lucia Kiersch Haase
Other Poems by Lucia Kiersch Haase

Between Two Lakes

(a Kyrielle variant poem)


Between two lakes where solace thrives,

the waterlilies come alive;

a child saw them all aglow

while in a row boat years ago.


A myriad of blooms to see-

snow-white and stilled, so Heavenly;

the years would pass - the winds would blow;

so little did the child know.


The movement of the boat with ease-

the creak of oars in quiet breeze-

the scent of pines - the water's flow...

Yes, I am blessed from years ago.


Psalm 29:11  The Lord blesses His people with peace.

Psalm 23:2  ...He leads me beside quiet waters.


(A very vivid memory from childhood.  Our family spent many summers in

Lac Du Flambeau, Wisconsin.   This was a passage between 2 lakes in a

chain of lakes where you had to shut the motor off and row through hundreds

of lily pads. )

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Submitted: Sunday, January 29, 2012

Last Updated: Monday, January 30, 2012

About the Poet
I started writing poetry as the direct result of the first of several spiritual experiences. These experiences also led me to the Bible, Christianity, and Christian Counseling. (I have a certif- icate in Christian Counseling). I have 6 books published...'Divine Light, Living Water', 'A Gathering of Stones', 'Between Two Lakes','Sonnets Through the Window' and 'Violae', an Epic Ballad (Nov. 2013), and now in January 2017, 'Joy Blooms' published by America Star Books. I've won a few awards... the Edgar Award for poetry, and a 1st place in Writer's Journal for the poem 'Amelia.' Most of what I write is in formal verse. I used to think the writing is a gift, and it is that...but more importantly, I've realized I am a vessel for the Lord, foremost. I live in Spring Valley, Illinois with my husband Jim. We have 2 grown children and a beautiful granddaughter, Rayghan, whom we cherish. God bless you all!

Other Poems by Lucia Kiersch Haase

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