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Bill's and My Story
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By Geneva Poynter
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Bill's and My Story

A boy was born in August, ‘thirty-one

To his parents, he was the first-born son.


Full of energy, he did jump and run.

Then he got little sister at age one.


A little brother came along at two-

Family complete with problems a few.


Billy got sick – his tonsils infected.

To look in his throat, doctor neglected.


By high school his recovery complete,

Could do gymnastics, was good on his feet.


Drafted to the Marines in fifty-two,

Went to San Diego in navy blue.


Came home to Chicago in fifty-four.

To do with Marines – wanted nothing more.


Then he met a girl who was country born

At a church retreat the very next morn.


She just wanted to sing, didn’t date much,

But he asked her out – she’d do in a clutch.


At a mission's headquarters she now worked.

He did construction – hard work never shirked.


She found that she loved this small funny guy.

They were drawn together, not knowing why.


Their marriage was rough with many problems.

With God’s help and love they knew they’d solve them.


Commitment and love was always the key.

Seems life was never easy for him or me.


We lost our first child and that really hurt,

But love and encouragement were the perks.


Then Robert Daniel came, a healthy child.

He was very active, not meek and mild.


We bought our first house, pinched ev’ry penny,

Of pictures and such trims there weren’t any.


That next year we made a good decision.

We’d tithe amidst IRS derision.


Bill had surgeries, major and miner.

He was determined, never a whiner.


He thought he’d not live to age of fifty.

Then I gave him a party, real nifty. 


Lots of good years with Bob and family,

While parents worked, we kept girls handily.


Then Bill was disabled – just could not work,

Had both knee joints replaced – it was no quirk.


Retirement for us – a big adjustment.

Now life was a marathon, not a sprint.


Then thirteen years of comparative peace

Would follow that, before it had to cease.


Those last three years, so precious to me,

Were my privilege to help Bill, you see.


God took him before I was quite ready,

But God’s infinite wisdom is steady!!!


We’ll meet again some day I am quite sure

With our bodies whole, hearts made clean and pure.


written by Geneva Poynter

August 8, 2010


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Submitted: Friday, August 20, 2010

Last Updated: Saturday, August 21, 2010

About the Poet
I asked Jesus to be my Savior when I was 11 - that was almost 70 years ago as of June 2015. My husband and I had been married for 54 years as of March 2010 before he went Home to Heaven, and we have one son & daughter in law and 3 grandchildren.

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