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Live and Learn
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By Geneva Poynter
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Live and Learn

Blossoms on every limb,
Trees completely leafed out,
Birds fly at every whim.
Four or  five kinds - about.

Nests are built and eggs are laid.
Soon little ones hatch out.
Parents catch bugs unafraid -
All to feed young, no doubt.

The weather warms - young ones grow.
Soon they will test their wings -
The cycle of life, we know.
Young will be learning things.

Creation's way, learned each year,
Is obvious to me.
Been there - done that without fear.
“I can do that”  you see.

The saying of old you’ve heard -
“Too soon old -  too late smart”
Mankind learns -  instinct’s for birds.
We can know God by heart. 



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Submitted: Friday, June 30, 2017

Last Updated: Sunday, July 2, 2017

About the Poet
I asked Jesus to be my Savior when I was 11 - that was almost 70 years ago as of June 2015. My husband and I had been married for 54 years as of March 2010 before he went Home to Heaven, and we have one son & daughter in law and 3 grandchildren.

Other Poems by Geneva Poynter

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