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When All Else Fails
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By Quentin Clingerman
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When All Else Fails


As it will, failure comes, usually unannounced

Whether it is in the routines of daily effort

Or in technology on which we've become so dependent

Breakdowns occur, equipment quits

Friends let us down

Schedules are rudely or abruptly interrupted

Our best efforts flop like a chicken with its head just cut off!

The body gives out in some small or great measure

Panic may ensue or great distress

It is then that our love of God and His love for us shines through

As we praise Him anyway

Phone calls may not go through

"Fixits" of various kinds whether professional or not may fail

But praise wins the day

It may not save the equipment or keep the pain away

But it focuses us on what is essential

What is all important

Our relationship to our Creator, Savior, Lord


When All Else Fails(c)2006  Quentin Clingerman


Note:  I attended a viewing of a friend of many years on Sunday afternoon.   Her body finally failed.  But she is now with the Lord. 

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Submitted: Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Last Updated: Tuesday, August 29, 2006

About the Poet
I am a retired educator. Now 85 years of age. I live in Maryland. I am the father of three ladies and thirteen grandchildren. Four grandchildren now married. I have two great grandsons, Koi Jon and Quinn Manu and a great granddaughter,Sephira Jade. Poems are an expression of how I think and feel. Variety in either case! I am the founder of WordChimes.com WC originated in February, 2000.

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