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June Bugs
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By N/A
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June Bugs

Two years ago, my daughter saw her first June Bug of the season and thought “I bet Mom could write a poem about June Bugs.”  She asked me and this is what she got…and yes, as a kid, we did have a ‘possum for a pet!)




June Bugs (whimsical)


I remember it well when I was a child,

We captured a creature right out of the wild.

A baby 'possum, we named him Homer,

He slept by day and at night was a roamer.


Another creature that came in the night

Was June Bugs that gathered in the porch light.

They're just a brown beetle with stickery feet,

And oh how Homer loved June Bugs to eat!


They crunched as he munched,

A terrible sound,

But he ate every single one that we found.

June Bugs to me are a sign of summer,

But they get caught in my hair which is a bummer.


They circle the porch light and attach to the screen,

They're hard and shiney and easily seen.

They bring back memories of childhood days,

When life was easy in so many ways.


Seems June Bugs are fewer the older I get,

"N 'possum's are road kill 'n not someone's pet.

"N June Bugs buzz and beat at my door,

Then I think of Homer and my childhood once more.


Mama Dibble (something my kids call me…lol)

(Aka Bonnie David)



How's that?

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Submitted: Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Last Updated: Wednesday, March 14, 2012

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