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I Woke Up This Morning
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By N/A
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I Woke Up This Morning


I woke up this morning

to a world of white...

snow drifted and dusted

throughout the night.


It stuck to the rooftops,

fences and trees

and oh what a sight

for my eyes to please!


The evergreens sugared

with Christmas icing

and rooftop 'cakes'

ready for slicing.


Chimney tops puffing

their white curling clouds

lazy and hazy

like ghostly shrouds.


Woodsmoke scents the brittle air

and silence settles everywhere.

The gray skies are restful,

the air is still,

Silhoutte sentinels against

yon distant hill.


Winter, oh winter,

your season of cold;

wrapped up our summer

and put it on hold.

You'll run rampant and wild,

you'll be soft and white,

there'll be brilliant days

and hard, cold nights.

We'll trudge through deep snow,

we'll slide 'cross the ice,

we'll drink buttered rum

with lots of spice

to warm our souls,

thaw out our bones;

we'll shiver 'n shake

with soft little moans.


Maybe a fire to watch its glow

while the heavens release

batches of snow.


Rain will freeze

and branches bend

wires will sag

and sometimes rend

darkness that seems

t'will never end.


The beauty of winter

is often missed

because it rules

with a cruel icy fist.

We bundle and trundle

through winter's hard days

and miss the wonder of

winter's ways.


In stillness and shadows

in quiet rest,

Under the snow there is a quest...

to birth and renew, to one day bring,


The soft air that's warm...

The breath of spring.




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Submitted: Friday, December 9, 2011

Last Updated: Sunday, December 11, 2011

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