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Just Around the Corner
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By N/A
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They gently flutter downward,
No breeze disturbs their flight.
They travel by the thousands,
Such an awesome sight.

I sit inside my cozy house
and watch the snowflakes fall,
Fat and fluffy crystals,
Super-size...not small!

No storm on the horizon,
No blowing, drifting snow.
Just winter drawing to a close,
Putting on a show.

Soon days like this will slip away,
Snow will be no more.
The heavens will, with thunderous power
Put Spring right at our door.

Like winter's snow that melts away,
The memories will fade;
I'll mow the grass and plant the flowers,
Then stretch out in the shade.

I'll close my eyes and picture
A winter that is gone;
Unable to imagine,
Snow upon this lawn.

Or picture in my mind's 'eye'
The falling snow I see today,
For Summer scenes will flood my mind
And chase winter all away.

Bonnie David

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Submitted: Thursday, March 18, 2004

Last Updated: Thursday, March 18, 2004

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