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Life Goes On
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Live Goes On


Life goes on, day after day
and it really doesn't matter what we have to say
about things that will happen or decisions that are made by people around us and sometimes our hopes fade.

Our dreams become distant with the changing of plans,
as our foundations are rocked by unseen hands.
Tomorrows are hidden outside our view,
our plans and dreams won't always come true.

The winds of change blow through our door
and those that we've loved aren't there anymore.
And where we were going gets turned around,
our new direction cannot be found
in measured time...like a gift with a bow...
it has to be sought in what little we know.
And the little we know can suddenly change,
our plans once again we must rearrange.

There's one thing that's certain,
we can't depend on our plans,
because life's ever-changing...like the shifting of sands.
We shift with the tides and adjust to the flow
for progress moves forward...this much we know.

We tuck away memories which no one can change
or steal from our hearts...or rearrange.
We travel through life, do the best that we can
and leave all the rest in God's unchanging hand.

Bonnie David

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Submitted: Friday, January 2, 2004

Last Updated: Tuesday, February 20, 2007

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