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The Long Days of Summer
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The Long Days of Summer


In the heat of the summer with the sun burning down,

When shaded benches are hard to be found;

When sidewalks and pavements are hot to bare feet,

And ice cream that's meltin' is wonderfully sweet;

When it runs down your chin 'n drips on your clothes,

When green grass is soft 'n tickles your toes,

'Tis then the time to take a long stroll,

What lies beyond that yonder knoll?


What lies around that river bend?

Where will that shaded forest path end?

Those swings 'n slides in shadowy park,

Are filled with children who play until dark.

Lightning bugs twinkle across meadows of flowers

And dew gathers in droplets through the night hours.


Then one day the green grasses dry.

The blue shade is deeper in that late summer sky.

The locusts sings of hot days to end,

And the riverbed is slow as it rounds the bend.

The park is quiet, no stirring of dust,

Except that which follows the old yellow bus.


The days are quiet as shorter they grow,

Cooler winds drifting as softly they blow.

Then God sets up his pallet and takes up his brush,

And colors our world without any rush.

For fall may be short but it lingers so sweet,

As we shuffle through leaves as we walk down the street.


Soon I will see this summer end,

Its season of flowing will slip 'round the bend.

I'll briefly turn and see visions so dear

Of months filled with happy summertime cheer.

Though often the days were filled with such heat,

And sidewalks 'n pavements burned my bare feet,

Those days were so precious as any could be,

Because I know in His love God gave them to me.







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Submitted: Sunday, August 8, 2010

Last Updated: Sunday, August 8, 2010

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