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Peace....(Vietnam Era)
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Down thru the ages, this word I'm sure you know,
Today it's spoken often, nearly everywhere you go.
We use it in our greetings, when passing friends on the street,
It's heard no matter where you go, by everyone you meet...
We wear it in our jewelry, we paint it on our clothes,
Our hand we raise to give the sign to all our friends or foes.
Boys paint it on their car doors and on their ragged shirts,
Girls wear it on a necklace and sew it on their skirts...
We've tossed this word around so much, it's lost it's 'inner glow,'
So few really have it, it's what many never know.
We wish it onto others and go our merry way,
It gets tarnished in the passing, 'cause we don't feel what we say.
We strive to have peace on earth, but war keeps raging on,
We say we love our fellowman, but we still can't get along.
We figure life is hopeless, there's nothing we can do,
We blame it all on others and the ole "Red, White and Blue."
The war in Southeast Asia, has become a way of life,
Problems on our homeland is nothing short of strife.
The war will soon be over, at least that's what we're told,
We've laws to fight pollution and equal opportunities to behold.
Each year our hopes grow dimmer, for things are just the same,
Problems are not new ones, they're just called a different name.
We laugh to fool our neighbors and all our friends we meet,
The "sign" is at our fingertips, while our heart is at our feet.
This word may mean no fighting, wars are at an end,
Or just a lot more love shared, between our fellowmen.
We use this word so loosely, it's everywhere you see,
I don't know what it means to you, here's what it means to me.
It's a gift to all who ask Him and accept His only Son,
It's a place to rest a weary soul, while the world is on the run.
It's sunlight among the shadows, strength when I am weak,
It's a quiet smile within my heart, as tears run down my cheek.
It's water running swiftly, thru my thirsty soul,
It comforts me in sorrow, its softness makes me whole.
It murmurs thru my troubled mind and clears the webs away,
It settles in my worried heart and turns my night to day.
When storms begin to threaten, and the world draws in on me,
It enfolds me in it's tender arms, an island in a raging sea.
It makes tomorrows brighter and gets me thru today,
It cleanses like a summer shower, it's in my heart to stay.
This gift belongs to others, but many pass it by,
"I cannot bear these burdens" I hear so many cry.
This world will get no better, and problems will not cease,
No "signs" or words will fill your soul for only HE can give you....


Bonnie David
written early 1970's

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Submitted: Friday, November 14, 2003

Last Updated: Friday, November 14, 2003

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