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Fondest Memories
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Note: This poem will be a eulogy for my dear friend who has terminal cancer.  She asked me to write one for her funeral about our friendship...it was hard, yet it wasn't.  Her faith and peace is astounding and heartwarming.  I will miss this very special friend.

Fondest Memories


She was like a burst of sunshine, breezed in like fresh rain after a draught.

Her merry spirit, a twinkle in her eyes, and I was hooked without a doubt.

She made those days I had to work, a time of fun to share;

I'd plead to have her on my shift, I hated work if she wasn't there.

Like sisters who need no spoken words, I'd turn to catch her eye...

and see the ornery sparkle there, we'd smile 'cause we knew why....

like vibes across an empty space across the crowded room,

we'd giggle like two school girls, our thoughts were so in tune.

Our working days would cease to be, yet friendship grew from there;

We'd lunch and talk and giggle, as we did each other's hair.

She never stood in judgement, nor spoke an unkind word,

Her humor saw her through so much,with laughter she endured.

As dark clouds gathered in her life, her illness would soon display

a strength within her spirit, her true strength grew each day.

We talked about her leaving, a road so hard to share;

a journey she must travel...too soon and so unfair.

I watched with admiration, a peaceful soul within,

her faith of a new life, she knew would soon begin.

She knew life wasn't ending, only chapter one....

for her name was written in the book of life,

her faith was in the Son...

His dying on that cross one day, opened Heaven's door,

Her journey isn't leaving us...she's arrived to live forevermore.

So grieve for the emptiness, those hours she filled each day,

grieve for the missing her, since she went away.

grief is always for ourselves when we are left alone...

but don't grieve for Euryana, she sits with Jesus at His home.


Remembering Eurayna...

I can truly say, I've never known anyone like her and feel priveleged to have had the honor of calling her my friend. Her unique laugh will always be inside my head and heart.

Eurayna was the calm to my storms...always a willing, non-judgemental ear to listen to my woes. She watched me travel roads that probably caused her dismay and worry, yet many delighted her and I liked making her laugh. Yet never once did she judge or lecture me....that was her way.

Nor did I ever hear her be unkind to anyone....any criticism she had of others was mixed with humor and understanding....that was her way.

I saw the struggles she went through...life in general mostly, and I'm certain I was often selfish, quick to let her turn the subject to me. She gave of herself, her time, her attention, no selfishness in her...that was her way.

I'll miss her dearly.

~~Bonnie David~~


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Submitted: Thursday, August 30, 2007

Last Updated: Thursday, August 30, 2007

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