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Now Comes...(for Joshua)
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Now Comes.....



Now comes the hours of stillness...and pain.

Now comes the crying....tears fall like rain.

Now comes the questions, the days are unreal,

Turbulent feelings that no one should feel.


Ebbing and flowing through daily demands,

Missing your love with the emptiest of hands.

Lonely in heart...a place no one can fill,

Silence at night when all is so still.


"Time will heal"...people will say...

Those that have never traveled your way.

Time only softens and blurs out the pain,

Leaves sweet loving memories

like a rainbow stain...

A rainbow God places in your heart,

not the sky,

It gently removes the questions of 'why'.

It replaces the heartache and softens the pain,

Drys the tears that fell like rain.

A day will come when your smile is real,

Not just to mask what you really feel.

The ebbing and flowing of daily demands

Becomes just the normal "shifting of sands".

And routine chores that life brings your way,

Will fill your hours and busy your day.

Entangled within, you'll find Mara is there,

She lives in your thoughts...

in your children's care.

You'll feel a soft breeze against your skin,

A fragrance familiar to things that have been.

A "knowing" inside you that while you're apart

She's as close as the breezes to comfort your heart.


With Love,

Aunt Bonnie


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Submitted: Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Last Updated: Tuesday, August 28, 2007

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