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My Cardinal Story
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My Cardinal Story

Against the snow in winter, their beauty unsurpassed,

their summer song thrills my heart when summer comes at last.

A comfort to this aching heart, when grieving filled my days,

the winter season lonely, as I stumbled through this maze

of widowhood and solitude, to find my way alone,

a new life lay before me...a future yet unknown.

This story's of two redbirds, touched my God's own hand,

to dry my tears upon this day, they followed His command.

Church this Sunday morning...I did not want to go,

heavy hearted doldrums, filled with so much woe.

Pushing through my heartache, I pulled my jacket tight,

as God was preparing, a truly wonderous sight.

I pulled my car from the garage, slipped out to close the door,

hurried back behind the wheel, adjust the heat once more.

Then something caught my teary eyes, a flutter to my right,

I turned to see two Cardinals, upon my car alight.

They perched before the mirror, a pair, I could see,

she primped in the mirror, he waited patiently.

A seed he held within in his beak, a gift for his "lady fair"...

she turned and took his offering, then they took to the air.

They left me there in wonderment, astonished at the sight,

surreal was this moment, before they took to flight.

Inside me was a "knowing"...God's voice so softly said...

"Assurance that I'm with you, sent in birds of red...

store this moment in your heart, I'm with you through this maze,

the Cardinals I have sent you, is just one of my ways

to remind you of my love for you..with things that you can see,

I place a "knowing" in your heart that it truly came from Me."

Bonnie David


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Submitted: Saturday, July 21, 2007

Last Updated: Saturday, July 21, 2007

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