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Seasons on the Fly
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Seasons on the Fly...

Summer dying softly...breezes on the rise,
Autumn clouds tumble, through bright azure skies.
Haunting shadows flutter, like ghost across my walls,
And ever fading daylight, begins its whispered calls...
To linger in the twilght, before the day is done,
Songs of farewell summer, to a slowly setting sun.

Leaves fading colors, backs to the winds,
Winter clouds hover...Autumn now begins.
Chilly east winds blowing, close the windows tight,
Heat is a requirement as summer takes her flight.

One day's warm and balmy, summer lingers on,
Next day brings a chilly rain...you think that summer's gone.
Then warm rays filter softly, through brilliant colored leaves,
October in her splendor, brings summer to her knees.

Bonfires snap and crackle....nothing can compare...
The smell of autumn burning, as it wafts unseen in the air.
We all begin our "nesting"...preparing for the cold,
Stacking wood and storing...summer's put on hold.

Department stores are crowded, as seasons now collide,
A melting pot of merchandise, displayed all side by side.
Back to school and autumn...candy's on the rise,
Halloween is coming...there's costumes for disguise.

Not so much for turkey day...it's sorta inbetween,
The candy and the costumes, and the coming Christmas scene.
We muddle through the isleways...our senses all awry,
Shifting to a higher gear...seasons on the fly.

~bonnie badgley/david~

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Submitted: Sunday, September 10, 2006

Last Updated: Monday, September 11, 2006

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