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Mother, I remember.........
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Mother, I Remember..........


Mother, I remember....
In darkness I was lifted up, from a restful sleep
and sat upon a cold, cold pot, a shivering little heap!

Mother, I remember.....
Hands that churned the butter, fed hoboes at the door,
Cutting bangs on your daughters and washing clothes galore!

Mother, I remember.....
Hands that turned old feed sacks into clothes for us to wear,
Hands that rubbed Vick's Salve on us with tender, loving care.

Mother, I remember.....
Hands that made our Holidays more than can be measured;
"Mother Magic"...that was you...memories that are treasured.

Mother, I remember.....
All the times I caused you pain, the grief you had to bear,
But with your hands you held me, with gentle, loving care.

Mother, I remember....
Your hands that worked so hard for us, worked straight from your heart,
And I'm so thankful that I'm yours and in this family I'm a part.

So, on this special family day, we thank God for your life;
For making us a family, with YOU as Mother, friend and wife.

Today is very special, this seventh of September,
For your daughters love you very much because....

Mother, we remember.....

Bonnie David

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Submitted: Saturday, October 18, 2003

Last Updated: Friday, May 11, 2007

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