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Turning Around
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Turning Around


I stand before my Savior, naked in my sin,
I know not where I'm going, but He knows where I've been.
He watched me through the years gone by and waited patiently,
The hurt I must have caused Him, for I was too blind to see.

I had to walk the hard way, too proud to turn around,
I thought I knew the only way that answers could be found.
Each answer pulled me deeper into the depths of despair,
My way just wasn't working and no one seemed to care.

But, still I plundered onward, things worsened day by day,
My steps began to falter, as my pride was stripped away.
I feared where I was going, for I knew where I'd been,
Would Jesus love me anyway, naked in my sin?

I bowed my head before Him, sure His anger I would meet,
My shame and heartache thundered as my tears fell at His feet.
My pride began to shatter as I knelt before His throne,
Then He took me in His loving arms and claimed me for His own.

I knew He wasn't angry, for I felt His love within,
As He gently led me closer and I turned my back on sin.
I knew that I'd met Jesus, I knew just what I'd found,
And His Spirit would help guide me, as I turned my life around.

Now I walk the road for Jesus, and we go hand in hand,
I love and trust this Friend I've found,
on HIS precious name I stand.
Yes, Jesus loved me anyway, naked in my sin,
He said, "Child, I want you to come Home...
it doesn't matter where you've been."

Bonnie David
(written mid 1970's)

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Submitted: Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Last Updated: Wednesday, May 7, 2008

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