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Zippety Doodah!
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By N/A
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                                       “Zippety Doodah!”


Look at those curls so blond and silky,

And a smile that lights up my heart.

You're a picture of wiggles,

And a picture of giggles,

And I knew right from the start....


You'd try me and test me

As little boys do,

Strong willed and tough,

You play hard and rough

A whirlwind through and through!


You're grandma's charmer

As you wrinkle that nose,

Sweet 'n ornery right to your toes!

Those curly blond locks

And wrong-side-out socks,

And cheeks as red as a rose.


We called you our ‘Zippety doodah’

A name that fits you just right.

You never sat still

You were always a “pill”

Even in the dark of night!


The years flew by so swiftly,

Quickly you grew handsome and strong.

Still ornery and wild

Like you were as a child,

You search for a place to belong.


You’re a grandson to be very proud of…

And there’s no one quite like you.

I’ll cherish those years

Remember the laughter and tears,

And I’ll love you all the years through.


(To Zach)

Grandma David




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Submitted: Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Last Updated: Tuesday, August 28, 2007

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