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Missing You
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Missing You.......

Changing of the seasons...it's when I think of you the most,
the haunting of your memory... a persistant, fleeting ghost....
looking for a way to touch my heart to let me know,
that through all time and energy, you still love me so.

In spring with leaves unfolding and jonquils first appear,
the newborn things of springtime, will always bring some tears.
To see the world awaken, when all is bright and new....
I walk alone among the flowers....
missing, missing you.

As summer heat is rising and storms gather in the skies,
I wonder if you're missing me and wipe the tears from my eyes.
I notice through the summer months, a dove is always near,
watching me so closely...I feel you close, my dear.

Autumn breezes blowing, leaves falling like the rain,
no one knows my heartache...no one knows my pain.
No one knows my loneliness, or sees the tears at all,
I walk alone in solitude...a melancholy fall.

Winter nights are hardest...no one to lean upon,
stillness and a bleakness dance across the lawn.
Snowbound days with blazing fire
to gaze upon....and cry,
I miss you every season
and sometimes I ask....why?

It doesn't really matter...why question what is gone?
I see as seasons pass me by, they only make me strong.
As seasons change I'll miss you, as you haunt my memory,
our love will see each season.... throughout eternity.

Bonnie David

In memory of my husband, Wayne...I miss you everyday.
May 3, 1940 - Feb. 8, 2003

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Submitted: Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Last Updated: Wednesday, September 15, 2004

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