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Kids, Won't You Listen....
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Kids, Won't You Listen


I write this poem to tell you, some things that I have learned.
I hope that you will listen, so maybe YOU won't get burned.
You may think I'm far too old, to know what life's about,
But let me tell you right up front, just how I found it out.

Sex was a subject, that was simply left alone.
I guess my folks just assumed it would come with being grown.
But being taught the facts of life never is enough,
The life of a teenager can be really tough.

My family didn't talk much, nor hugged, nor laughed, nor shared.
We went our way, to each his own, you didn't show you cared.
Nor did you ask questions, about things that you should know;
When Mom and Dad won't tell you...guess where kids will go.

If you think I can't remember, or that things are different now,
Let me tell you, NOTHING'S new, not the "why" or "where" or "how".
None of you invented all the things you think you know,
What you think is yours alone, started long, long ago.

So when I tell you about regrets and mistakes that cause such pain,
I pray that you will listen and not have to bear the shame.
Sex is like a wildfire, once the flame is lit,
No kid..I said NO KID, is equipped to handle it!!

Through the years I lived a life that saddened even me,
Because I made decisions without responsibility...
Responsible to do what's right, to myself and others, too,
Responsible decisions in all that I should do.

What I want to show you, is today it's just the same;
Boys and girls play with fire, to them it's just a game.
I played the game, I played with fire and never gave a thought
To how it all could hurt me, the destruction that was wrought.

There came a time I had to bear what this life had cost...
With heavy heart I grieved and grieved for all that I had lost.
For those I hurt along the way, for many years of strife,
I watch today MY kids that pay for how I lived my life.

Get it down inside you, your worth is without measure.
Don't handle who God made you like junk instead of treasure.
Spend your youth wisely, enjoy being free,
But it will only happen if you learn responsibility.

Bonnie David

Que....I don't know (because of subject matter) if you will post this or not. I wrote it for my Pastor when he was teaching the youth to be responsible. I believe it's done in good taste, but if you don't want to post it, I will understand.

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Submitted: Tuesday, December 9, 2003

Last Updated: Tuesday, January 2, 2007

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