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If We Weren't Free.....
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By N/A
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If We Weren't Free....

It's a firecracker day...sizzle in the air,
distant 'pops' and fizzles send up a flair.
Early revelers celebrate...
friends and family gather,
hot and sticky humid air,
Fourth of July weather.
Soon the ceremonies will begin,
flags are everywhere,
even strangers feel like friends...
there's laughter in the air.
Star Spangled Banner...
we sing for all we're worth,
'cause we know the USA
is Blessed of all the earth.
Our nation is exploding
in clouds of wondrous sights,
awesome beauty fills the sky
to everyone's delights.
There's those who'll never fathom
the price some had to pay,
and tomorrow for so many
will be just another day,
to grumble and curse our land
and those elected souls,
whom we placed in office
to fill these awesome roles.
To never send a heartfelt prayer....
it's our freedom, don't you see?
You're even free to speak your piece
you're free to not agree!
Our country, filled with immigrants...
crowded shore to shore,
"How", we ask our government,
"can we take on more?"
Close off all our borders...
Stop the flow of aid
to countries that aren't friendly...
no more "foreign made".
To do these things, you surely know
would bring this nation down
to levels of the others
where no compassion there is found.
We'd be just like the others,
ruled by heavy rod...
no heart, no help, no spirit...
no hope...


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Submitted: Sunday, August 14, 2005

Last Updated: Sunday, August 14, 2005

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