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The Final Chapter
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The Last Chapter


Endless tapping fingers...burn the midnight oil.

Visions of a lifetime like storm clouds roll and roil.

Puzzle pieces scattered, lay on my mind to sort,

Piece by piece, a daunting task that I cannot abort.


Notebooks fill as years go by of memories and dreams,

And nothing ever makes much sense...at least that's how it seems.

I toil and tap and rearrange, organize and sort,

Piece by piece, a daunting task that I cannot abort.


Then one day changes come, fate intervenes;

Choices that aren't mine to make rearrange the scenes.

Tapping on my keyboard, a new life to unfold;

Organize what is past; this story must be told.


Pieces in my puzzle begin to take their place,

Tapping fingers scurry in this time of grace...

To save in files and rearrange what I knew to be,

A view of backward glances that would set me free.


Pages scattered 'round me, fractured life I'd known,

Broken into pieces, scattered heartache sown.

Rearrange and organize, burn the midnight oil,

Watch it come together, all my work and toil.


Page by page grew chapters in this book of me;

Puzzle pieces in a frame fitted patiently.

Growing fuller every day, notebooks on my shelf,

Chapters filled with what I've learned all about myself.


Like a photo album, there's bad shots with the good;

They all tell a story, mixed but understood.

My memories are sorted, organized and filed,

Pages in my book of life, stacked and neatly piled.


Bound in many notebooks a past I can't undo;

Yet it is me for what it's worth and all of it is true.

Regrets, yes there's many but time has stilled the pain,

Washed away with teardrops like a cleansing rain.


As seasons of my life are gone, my book is nearly through.

Today I write it differently because of all I knew.

Its making was a hard task, with all that work and toil,

And still I keep on tapping and burn the midnight oil.


The daunting task is near complete, a book just for me.

As for that final chapter...it's yet for me to see.


Bonnie L. David


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Submitted: Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Last Updated: Wednesday, August 20, 2008

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