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Happy 96th Birthday Mother
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By N/A
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Happy 96th Birthday Mom

There is no way that I can tell in poem 'n verse 'n rhyme

of all the things you are to me...although I have the time

to wander thru the many years, reminisce and ponder,

down that path of years gone by I fairly often wander.

I think your girls would have to say of days so long ago,

our childhood was the happiest that kids could ever know!

So many things I can't record within this verse and rhyme,

Yesteryear is distant...another place and time.

Ninety six and counting...you're a blessing to us all...

countless happy memories...too many to recall.

Your hands of many talents, a housewife thru and thru,

Caring for your family, yes we'll remember you....

Churning up the butter, sewing clothes galore,

washed them in the Maytag.....hauled them out the door

to hang upon the clothesline, dry then, bring them in...

to dampen, roll and iron and hang...on Monday wash again!!

You darned the sox, cooked and canned and froze and cleaned and baked

your little girls never knew just how much you must've ached,

when late at night and all was done and we were all tucked in,

you'd tumble into bed so tired..tomorrow start again.

Today we celebrate those years, years we've watched  YOU grow,

thru changing times and eras, that only you can know.

We giggle over things you say, your humor sharp as ever..

Too many years we didn't see just how you are so clever.

Now you'll hear us saying things we've often heard you say,

"Murder, murder" 's one of them to lighten up our day.

Your girls Mom are proud to say as we kid one another...

"Well look at you dear sister....you sound just like our Mother!"

Bonnie David



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Submitted: Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Last Updated: Tuesday, September 25, 2007

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