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Growing Old...???
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Growing old...??

 Summer days, long and hot, small town life...that's my lot.

Not complaining, wouldn't change, not one thing, nor rearrange

the things that make my life complete, minutes, hours, all nice and neat.

Lifelong work behind me now, retirement days...super wow!

No rocking chair, well not for long, to while away in happy song.

Pick and choose what I might do, procrastinate on quite a few!

Time is free from sun to sun, another day to get it done.

I've heard of those who cry and moan, retirement blues, grumble, groan.

Couch potatoes in the making, need a gentle, wake up shaking!

Now's the time for family, friends, for busy years now make ammends!

All those years on the fly, many things just passed us by.

Growing years of children....past, a second chance is here at last!

Siblings too are growing old, relax together...share stories told.

Reminisce of days gone by....you'll smile and laugh and sometimes cry.

Then thank the Lord for every year, for every smile and every tear.

For growing old need never be, just pain, old joints and misery.

Put away that rocking chair, live your life with bounce and flair.

You've earned the right to sit and snooze, if this is what you really choose,

then summer days, long they'll be, and bones will ache in misery.

I, myself will fill my days, with wonderous thoughts and fun-filled ways!

Grandkids grow...great grandkids too, won't waste my time just feeling blue!

Every season I embrace, I treat it like old fragile lace.

Packaged up with memories and making more in small degrees.

A sunset or a smiling child, saved in my heart and there it's filed

to draw upon when I'm alone, to chase away an aching bone.

~Bonnie David~   07/16/07 

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Submitted: Monday, July 16, 2007

Last Updated: Wednesday, July 18, 2007

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