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Letter From Jesus
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My Child,

We met today and I want you to know, I rejoiced when you called out to me.
You made room in your heart and I set you apart and from your sins you now are free!

Let me share with you what just happened, when you asked forgiveness for sin, you opened your heart with repentance and I just walked right on in!

As soon as I heard your heart's cry, I hurried to you right away. Heaven rejoices, angels lifted their voices, your name was written in our book this day!

Now the sins of your past are behind you, as far as the east is from the west; I promise they won't be remembered because they're lost in the sea of forgetfulness...never to be remembered, not by my Father or ever by Me, I have made you a very new creature and My Spirit now lives in thee.

I'm here whenever you need me, just ask, then believe when you do. Don't be afraid to call on my servants, I've placed them there just for you!

But mostly remember, I love you. I'm as close as a whispered prayer, and so is My friends who will help you, just call and we'll always be there.

Love You Always!

Bonnie David

(This is a good poem to leave with someone you've just led to Jesus. I was asked to write this so my friend and I could leave something with a new convert we were hoping to win for Christ today...God gave it to me, I wrote it down, we prayed with the gentleman and he was very blessed to receive this poem. You are welcome to use it too.)

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Submitted: Sunday, March 21, 2004

Last Updated: Monday, March 22, 2004

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