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God Said
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Check out the book of Genesis...chapter number one,
It's where we hear the words of God...where it all began.
His Spirit there was hovering, prepared to do God's bid
and soon began to do His will when He heard.."and God said."

Thus this world and all within...the waters and the land;
His Spirit formed creation at Father God's command.
The light, the night, the stars so bright, creatures great and small;
All they'd need from bed to feed "God said" and He made them all.

It really is important, to notice what you've read,
'cause what I'm trying to show you is...there was NOTHING until 'God said'!

The spoken word is powerful, and Satan hears them too;
and what we say...good or bad...will come back to you!

"We shall have what we saith.." will CREATE what we confess,
The spoken words, from your mouth will be what you possess.
The words you speak, so many times, come from what you're fed,
You need to feast on FATHER'S WORD...why?? Because

Bonnie David

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Submitted: Saturday, October 18, 2003

Last Updated: Saturday, October 18, 2003

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