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Delete 'n Recycle
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By N/A
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Delete 'n Recycle

A voice on my telephone, a picture on my screen.
Life in cyber "city"....where 'real' is seldom seen.
You find me in your endless search,
A face that makes you smile,
You send a little message...
"Let's chat for just awhile?"

I click 'reply' and answer,
Not knowing who you are
Take a chance that you're "ok",
It's working out....so far!

Some of you are honest,
And some of you are sweet.
Then some of you so awful...!
Those I just delete.

If only life could be the same,
Just delete you from my heart,
Send you to recycle,
Then go back to start.
Unable to recall you
From any files within,
No matter how I search myself,
You're gone...and never been.

MY 'hard drive' is corruptible,
When your 'virus' taints my heart,
It's such a long, long journey from...

Delete, recycle....start.

~bonnie badgley/david~

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Submitted: Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Last Updated: Sunday, February 5, 2006

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