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Damaged Goods
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Damaged Goods


My heart became like damaged goods, caught in the storms of life.
O'er the years it hardened, as I dealt with hurt and strife.
My soul became like damaged goods and my dreams died one by one;
Then hope became a distant thing when all was said and done.
And when the storms subsided, the clouds for me remained,
I want to see the sunshine...won't you please stop the rain?
"Father, what is wrong with me? I'm doing what I should,
Yet my heart is locked in misery and I'm just like damaged goods."
"You've led me to the scriptures, I've read them through and through.
I do what you have asked me and still I'm missing you."
"Can't you fix my damaged goods? Restore in me your light?
Am I so beyond repair? Can't you make it all alright?"
"You've given me much insight and I'm striving to your ways,
But something still is missing that will set my heart ablaze."

"Throughout this day you've talked to me, then ended with a song,
To melt my heart and bring me peace, and hope to carry on."

Just a song, a little song and I knew it to be true...
From Calvary's tree you were talking to me when you said,
"I love you".

As damaged goods, I'd missed it, for it's a 'state of being' that is blind...
A darkness filled with hardened heart and thoughts that are unkind.
Damaged goods is damaged love, and damaged feelings bring deceit,
I listened to the devil who had hoped for my defeat.

But, Father, You held on to me, You never let me go;
You gave me strength to fight the fight because You love me so!
A love that flows into my soul and my spirit fans the flame,
Like fire it burns within my heart, in Your GRACE I'm not the same.

Father, I'm so thankful for all you've done for me,
And for the storms that make me strong, I'll praise your name for all to see.

And thank you for restoring me, I'm so thankful that you care.
Your love's the glue that fills the cracks and I'm NOT BEYOND REPAIR!

Bonnie David

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Submitted: Thursday, February 5, 2004

Last Updated: Wednesday, December 2, 2009

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