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Walls Within
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By N/A
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There's walls that's made of concrete,
There's walls that's made of wood.
Walls surround us everyday...
As well built walls, they should.

There's walls that frame my home up,
Protect me from the storm.
Walls that shelter in their way
No matter what the form.

Walls on wheels to travel.
Walls of fenced in yard.
Walls that hedge a neighbor...
All to shield and guard.

Within these walls that hide us,
There's a story all our own,
Written by our daily thoughts
Whenever we're alone.

Imagine all the visions,
Dreams and wishes too,
Within these walls of private thoughts
That live in me and you.

The walls that's built around us,
Wood or steel or tin,
Their purpose is to serve us...
Like the walls we build within.

Inner walls are private walls,
Built o'er months and years,
Protecting us the best they can,
From shedding further tears.

Inner walls are good walls,
Defining needed space,
Shield me from the crowding,
Of others in my face.

Some inner walls are rigid.
Some wilt at first assault.
Some are understanding,
Some just look for fault.

I hope this inner wall of mine.
Is not too thick...or thin;
May the wall that shields my inner self,
Let me out....and let's you in.

~bonnie badgley/david~

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Submitted: Monday, January 9, 2006

Last Updated: Tuesday, January 10, 2006

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