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Someday...(for Cindy)
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Grief so new, you can't describe, the feelings felt so deep inside.

So suddenly you are alone, pain is felt down to the bone.


Nights are long, life's unreal, you think you'll never really heal

Of all this pain and all this grief, have no hurt...no relief.


Empty weeks and months ahead, you face it now with heartfelt dread.

Be prepared to wonder why you're left alone to sit and cry.


Each one of you will spend their grief, in where they find the most relief.

When they're up...you'll be down, tomorrow turn that scene around.


For you dear Cindy....you must walk alone that grieving path like none you've known.

I learned no one could walk my road, no one else could bear my load.


You'll do it too, the same as me, day by day and you will see,

That you have strength hidden deep, within your soul and it will keep

You moving forward tear by tear, and God will whisper in your ear,

Words of comfort, through the days you walk this long, confusing maze.


You'll find Larry's presence near...in fact in time you'll feel it clear.

Once the pain begins to heal, there's room in there to make it real,

That Larry's close..no you can't touch, but still a comfort...very much!

To know he lives and now is free, you'll feel his "touch"....

Just wait and see.


~bonnie badgley/david~

For Cindy


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Submitted: Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Last Updated: Tuesday, August 28, 2007

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