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Nighttime Dreams
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By N/A
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Nighttime Dreams

Night Dreams

The night is quiet, the air is still,

peace drifts down to warm my chill.

Darkness comes like a soft cocoon,

Bathes me in a shrouded moon.

Drifting, drifting, shadowed skies,

Stars are hidden from my eyes.

Wrapped within this web of night,

Thoughts are free to go aflight.

Daydreams dance throughout the day...

But night dreams are best at play.

The stillness teases 'round about,

And fairytales wander out.

Before my eyes a wonderland!!

Free to be...they take my hand.

Paths so real...in dark of night,

Will disappear with morning light.

So, until then I nestle down

And watch my dreams go round 'n round.

Anywhere I want to go....

Do the things I want to know.

Write my dreams, the author of...


the perfect love.

Sleep evades me...circles near,

nighttime dreams, crystal clear.

More real than life, this world I see,

The only world where I am free...

To dream of things I'll never know,

Reality removes the glow...

To tarnish dreams, they rust away,

The sun just brings another day

Like all the rest that came before,

And nighttime dreams slip out the door.

But, tonight I am the author of....


the perfect love.



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Submitted: Monday, November 6, 2006

Last Updated: Monday, November 6, 2006

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