My heart is thrilled with that rapturous thought
Jesus is coming again
It makes my steps lighter and lighter each day
Even though I know not but when
My faith in my Master it strengthens me so
He lives! He lives today
I know Him as personal Savior and Lord
One day its up and away
The joy it is flowing and living within
How deep the wells of His praise
Hes put a new song into my heart
Tis there till the end of my days
His Word how I love it, I love it I say
Daily there treasure I find
Hes living water and bread of life to my soul
In nothing am I left behind
Surrounded with love, the love of the Master
Friend of this sinner is He
That love of God so great and wondrous
What love of the Savior for me
In prayer in my closet, the prayer of my heart
Lord help me some lost one to win
I follow the Master in seeking for sinners
He only can save them from sin
New life in Jesus what change He can bring
New creatures in Christ now are we
With So Great Salvation what news for all nations
Come unto Him and be free!
His blood shed for sinners a crimson foundation
There at the foot of the cross
Hes been lifted up, look now unto Him
Look now! Or eternal loss.
Copyright Jan.21, 2013 10:30 p.m.
Gary James Smith