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When You Drew Me Lord To Pray
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By Gary James Smith
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When You Drew Me Lord To Pray

I was not a religious lad
In my early years
For mom to get me to go to church
Took blood, and sweat, and tears
My father he never ever went
A fine example was he
But insisted I go along with my mother
That made a lot of sense to me!!!

So I'd sneaked out whenever I could
I easily found the exit door
When the other kids went off to their classes
Me and a friend were off for sure
We'd go down to a nearby restaurant 
About four blocks away
And there spend our collection money
That mom had given that day

In about a half an hour or so
We'd head back to the class
And sneak back in and mingle with the others
And head upstairs at last
There I spied my mother
Happy as all get out
Thinking that I had attended classes
Much later the truth she'd find out

So I lived my life away from God
Going to church meant nothing to me
To only times that I'd go again
Was if she had a meal on Sunday
I didn't know what the gospel was
I had never learned to pray
So I lived my life in selfishness
Doing my journey my way

I ran into some situations 
And became dependent on booze
Although I managed to keep a car
And made payments on my house
Inside I felt an emptiness
But didn't share it with any other
Not my wife nor mom or dad
And not even my brother

I was trying to self correct
I began to read some books
How to live happy 365 days
And a few other titles I took
How to win friends and influence people
Sin...Sex...and Self control
Books by Norman Vincent Peale
But I never read the Bible

I talked to a phychiatrist, minister, priest
And even a psychologist too
To try and find the answer to life
But none of them saw me through
As my burden began to grow greater
Many scenarios led me that way
I was alone one day over at mother's 
And the good Lord led me to pray

To be continued.....

Copyright so far...March 25  2020 7:31 PM

Gary James Smith

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Submitted: Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Last Updated: Thursday, March 26, 2020

About the Poet
I came to know the Lord as my personal Saviour in January of 1972. I was married on Oct 21,1966 to my wife Linda who also loves the Lord. We have ten children and now twenty-four grand children. In Aug 2012 we got the announcement of the birth of our first GREAT grand child (a baby girl). I was thrilled to find others of like precious faith and belief in Jesus Christ. Hallelujah! What a Savior! I am presently living in Champion, Alberta, Canada but we are originally from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada. That is where the poem Canadian Tribute to America was birthed. One Sunday as I walked across the city on my way to church I came to the top of a hill and looked across at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. After watching the events of the Sept 11 tragedy it was weighing on my heart and mind and the Lord gave me these words. We came to Calgary and when my oldest daughter saw this poem she said, �Dad, what�s this?� and I said a poem and she replied �Dad, that�s not a poem , that�s a song� and she then went to the piano and began to sing and play it. The result of which turned into a song entitled, A Canadian Tribute to America which she recorded on CD. garyjamessmith2005@yahoo.ca

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