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A Cascade of Poems!
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By Gary James Smith
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Your Goodness, Your Graciousness, Your Greatness

All revealed at Calvary

Man lost in sin and dying

The sinner’s perfect plea

Hallelujah! What a Saviour

Who loved one such as I

Grace that is greater than all my sin

Hanging there to die

Bloodless doctrines of men

Trying always to save face

Can never avail as the blood of Christ

Sufficient to save by grace

The debt that we owe too awesome

To be paid for by another

Except through Christ, our Saviour

Our Kinsmen, Redeemer, and Brother

No other name in heaven

Nor on earth can be said of as well

He died to save His people from sin

God with us, Immanuel!

Up from the grave , He arose!

Sin, death, and hell met defeat

Bow down and worship the King of Kings

Come to His Mercy Seat!

Copyright Gary James Smith Nov. 28, 2004


The whole world lights up for Jesus Christ every Christmas Day

The season turns to families, both near and far away

God could not help but celebrate the birth of such a Son

True Light of the world, Lord Jesus, the Light for everyone

The Light of the world is Jesus , just look around and see

The lights that sparkle on each house, the lights upon each tree

Celebration in the air, LOVE, come down, to man

The Light of the world is Jesus, ye must be born again!

Above the merchandizing and business’s gain

A motive of higher principal, the souls of dying men!

Dear Saviour, keep our hearts in tune, to sing this Christmas Day

The Light of the world is Jesus, in real meaningful way!

Nor heart void of true knowledge for what our Savior’s done

But those with glad assurance of, God’s gift! His own dear Son!

Hark the herald angels sing! Sing ye men as well!

Jesus, True Deliverer come, God with us, Immanuel!

Copyright Gary James Smith Nov 22/2004


I seek my Master early at awakening of each day

My heart breaks forth in praise of Him

The Truth, the Life, the Way

In presence by His Spirit, I know that preciousness

I treasure such that time alone, and care for nothing less

Clothed then in His righteousness

I begin to do my tasks

And wait upon my Lord to bid

And do such as He asks

Peace such peace the world can’t know

But only Jesus’ friends

Peace not only here below but peace that never ends

Worship in its truest sense, just my God and I

My spirit leaves this world below

And soars to yonder sky

What joy in the believer, deeper than tongue can sing

But that He gives us pleasure of,

He is our Everything!

In eventide when sun is down and darkness fills the land

I still enjoy the presence of my blessed Lord within

I thank Him then with soul refreshed, its duty for Him done

And close my eyes in prayerfulness, trusting He’ll say


That peacefulness of heart and mind

When resting in my Lord

Can be the same for everyone, who trusteth in His Word

Sure Creator of the world and born the Son to die

Has reconciled man to God

Come now and draw nigh

Copyright Gary James Smith Nov 21/2004


Hush ye! Hush ye!

Hear the sound of God

Comes the silence stronger

Bend beneath His Word

Let its power break you

May the Spirit move

And fill you with the love of God

And join the Brotherhood

Leave off sins old garments

Put ye on new life

Come and join the battle

Marching for what’s right

Christian soldiers serving

Standing at their posts

Waiting for their orders and

Filled with the Holy Ghost

No hanging heads among us

Discouraged or depressed

But valiantly were serving

Giving of our best

Commander-in-chief Lord Jesus

That Soldier of the Cross

Has won for us our Victory!

We shall never suffer loss

His Kingdom comes Triumphant!

We’ll hear that Trumpet sound

And leave our posting stations

And we’ll be Glorybound!

Hallelujah! What a Saviour!

Copyright Gary James Smith Nov 21/2004


I shake my head in disbelief as men go on their way

When after listening to God’s Word

They still neglectful stay

They hasten not to believe by faith

That Word that God has spoken

But continue on in disbelief and ne’er a heart is broken

Continuationators in sin, their heart’s are surely hardened

Can’t they grasp that love of God

And see they may be pardoned!

O, satan, how deceitful he, the father of all liars

He blinds their eyes with disbelief and gives them thorns and briars

Our loving Lord, He’s always near

Awaiting men’s repentance

Then He comes with loving arms

Defender of defenseless

O dear God, your Spirit come

And quicken hearts of way wards

Grant refreshing in our day

And turn all hearts to Your Word!

Copyright Gary James Smith Nov 21/2004


I often think back to the place I knelt

Where floods of peace in my soul were felt

When I asked Jesus into my heart

And the burdens of sin began to depart

His Spirit within giving assurance of

My Father’s Grace and Infinite love

His blood became so precious to me

That One who died on Calvary

With tears of joy mine eyes could see

That One who suffered there for me

And never again could I be the same

Because of that Lamb that for me was slain

Now a constant flow of gratitude and praise

Is given at the beginning of this sinners day

For I cannot forget what He’s saved me from

Now as I await my arrival Home

But moment by moment I bask in that grace

Because of the One Who took my place

We will worship there – “That I know!”

That Saviour Who has loved us so.

I know He loves repetitions and praises of

Those redeemed by that precious blood

Holy! Holy! Holy! Lamb for sinner’s slain

Bow our hearts in adoration

Worthy is Thy name!

Gary James Smith Copyright Nov. 2004


What wonders to be in the fields that day

When Shepherds watched their sheep at play

To hear the heavenly angels sing

The glory’s of their Heavenly King

Where Virgin Mary in yonder stall

Gave birth unto the Lord of all

How prophets, priests, and earthly kings

Would crown Him Lord of everything

What wonder to be in the fields that day

What wonder to be in the field this day

Where people hurt and need to pray

Where lives are lost because of sin

And Jesus seeks to live within

Souls at stake in this battle sure

Our Victory, oh, so very near

Deep joy and compassion the Christian’s trait

To help the lost in their estate

What wonder to be in the field this day

What wonder to be in His field that day

Where the lion and lamb lay down to play

Where sinner’s redeemed make haste to praise

That Saviour, Who from death was raised

Who’s given new life to everyone

Who’ve believed in Jesus as God’s own Son

Hark the herald with angels we’ll sing

Glory to God and to Christ our King

What wonder to be in His field that day!

Copyright Gary James Smith Nov. 14, 2004

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Submitted: Monday, November 29, 2004

Last Updated: Friday, September 24, 2010

About the Poet
I came to know the Lord as my personal Saviour in January of 1972. I was married on Oct 21,1966 to my wife Linda who also loves the Lord. We have ten children and now twenty-four grand children. In Aug 2012 we got the announcement of the birth of our first GREAT grand child (a baby girl). I was thrilled to find others of like precious faith and belief in Jesus Christ. Hallelujah! What a Savior! I am presently living in Champion, Alberta, Canada but we are originally from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada. That is where the poem Canadian Tribute to America was birthed. One Sunday as I walked across the city on my way to church I came to the top of a hill and looked across at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. After watching the events of the Sept 11 tragedy it was weighing on my heart and mind and the Lord gave me these words. We came to Calgary and when my oldest daughter saw this poem she said, �Dad, what�s this?� and I said a poem and she replied �Dad, that�s not a poem , that�s a song� and she then went to the piano and began to sing and play it. The result of which turned into a song entitled, A Canadian Tribute to America which she recorded on CD. garyjamessmith2005@yahoo.ca

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