Oftimes God sends His children
Out on a short term mission
We go in faithful obedience
For He has a higher vision
With question marks as guide posts
Lord, You know what Your will is
Moment by moment receiving His grace
Asking His Spirit to fill us
Surrendered to prayer He surrounds us
Protecting the walk of each child
Dutifully following His leading
He who was meek and was mild
He knows the end and beginning
Of we who have been born again
He seeketh us souls to be winning
Introducing Lord Jesus as Friend
The landscape of sin needs attention
Such weeding that has to be done
Lord Jesus our Sure Master Gardener
Has shed blood to save everyone
All the tools we need for this labour
Of this we can be assured
Go ye forth into all the world
Preach the good news from the Word
Our task now over He calls us
By means that He only knows
Giving us peace on the journey
Deliverance from all of our foes
His short term mission now over
Come rest ye a bit patiently
I have something in mind for you brother
Just learn to wait upon me
Copyright June 18, 2011
Gary James Smith