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By Michael P. Johnson
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God told Joshua, “Break the walls                Jos.6:5

Jericho’s plagued with sin

Sound the trumpet and when it falls             Jos.6:3,4,5,

Kill all that lives within                                Jos.6:21


This evil place shall none rebuild

This curse I speak today                              Jos.6:26

Who build; will see his first son killed

The youngest, fade away”

                                                                     Hiel = God lives

Yet Hiel; raised its walls once more

To son Abiram’s cost                                    Abiram = Loftiness

Then with it’s gates, God’s wrath he saw    1Ki.16:34

When young Segub was lost                         Segub = Elevated


Today; we all have built up walls

The devil helps to build

Making us deaf when Jesus’ calls

And so behind we’re killed


Such walls are sin, demonic spore

The filth, he loves to give

Keeping us from The Saviour’s Door

And from God’s grace to live


We need to rid; ourselves of sin

To live no more a lie

Till Satan has no place to win?

Causing God’s sheep die?


Deceitful bricks, with stones of doubt

Cemented firm with lust

The strongest men can blow and shout

These; walls, won’t turn to dust


Nothing on earth can bring them down

With devils at the core

To bring to fall a sinful town

Will take today much more


Today; we need no sieging ramp

No trumpet, man should play

Instead; we need God’s Holy Lamp                  Rev.21:23

His Truth, guiding The Way                             Jn.14:6


We must accept The ancient One!                    Jn.13:20

God’s Child of virgin birth                               Isa.7:14+Lk.1:26-33

To be The Christ, His faithful Son

Who chose to die on earth


Fulfilling thus His Father’s will

Foreseeing all the pain                                      Lk.22:42

God’s Lamb would die to pay man’s bill        Jn.12:27

But then to live again                                       Lk.24:39


Now to our self! We too must die                    1Pe.4:7

As self’s the youngest child                             1Ki.16:34           

Then God will build each wall on high           Isa.58:12

He truly reconciled


Each wall Christ promised to prepare             Jn.14:2

Each mansion strong and true

Are tastes of all He has to share                      1Cor.2:9

With servants born anew


Exchanging shame for robes of white            Rev.6:11+7:13

His form, for flesh and bone                           Rom.8:29

In place of sin, God builds with Light

His house of living stone                                1Pe.2:5


We too will rise like Christ one day               1Th.4;16

When void of spot and stain                           Eph.5:27

Faithful walking God’s chosen Way             Jn.14:6

As king and priest to reign


For no one lives to self-alone                        Rom.14:7

But to The Lord above                                  Rom.14:8

Then we; who once were flesh and bone     Col.1:12

Will share God’s endless love..... Eph3:-   

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Submitted: Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Last Updated: Tuesday, November 13, 2012

About the Poet
I never wrote a word of poetry in my life. Till the day Jesus took my hand and touched my soul.....I invite your response. However most poems are not about me! Very few are. But the feed-back good, bad or indifferent is always desired. Not meant to offend, but I write about many things in many a guise. Of life, death, lost, found, saved, backsliders, new comers, repenting souls, doubting hearts, heathens, Christians, fire, water, Satan's daughter, wallowing in sin, saved, made sound walking in Light, graceful righteous. Suffering, ecstatic, bored, excited, sad, delighted, Sick, well, lame, able, living, dying, etc. etc. etc. Writing about anything, everything and everyone as the spirit leads. All meant to reveal, waken, revive, encourage, shame, help. Gladden, pick up, exalt, portrait, liberate. Again over 99% of my work is not about me. Although at times I write as though I were or am. Speaking e.g. in the first person. This is quite common even in the bible itself. Prophets speak of themselves, then God speaks, again the prophet, then God......Quite often it's difficult to distinguish whom it is that at any given time is speaking or narrating.

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