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We Need a Friend
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By Michael P. Johnson
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We Need a Friend

Columbus sailed round all the earth

When man believed it flat

Today fools say Christís second birth

Is from a Christian hat

The two are not so far apart

The people then and now

A few bid Jesus in their heart

While most their knees wonít bow

Most think the bible is a lie

The virgin birth untrue

Others believe Christ came to die

A rumour from the few

The die of doubt has long been cast

To fools the devilís guide

Though knowledge has become so vast

Manís heart beats full of pride

From far away, God sees the proud

To self, their knees but bend

Shameful wearing the devilís shroud

In which theyíll find their end

For us to win lifeís awesome race

Weíve sin and death to beat

We need the sanctity of grace

Flowing at Jesusí feet

When Hillary climbed earthís highest mount

Upon itís crest to stand

Everest, took first the final count

When Tenzing stood to hand

We need a helping friend today

Before we turn to dust

Through Christ Godís Lamb we find The Way

When truly God we trust.....†

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Submitted: Monday, October 22, 2012

Last Updated: Tuesday, December 4, 2012

About the Poet
I never wrote a word of poetry in my life. Till the day Jesus took my hand and touched my soul.....I invite your response. However most poems are not about me! Very few are. But the feed-back good, bad or indifferent is always desired. Not meant to offend, but I write about many things in many a guise. Of life, death, lost, found, saved, backsliders, new comers, repenting souls, doubting hearts, heathens, Christians, fire, water, Satan's daughter, wallowing in sin, saved, made sound walking in Light, graceful righteous. Suffering, ecstatic, bored, excited, sad, delighted, Sick, well, lame, able, living, dying, etc. etc. etc. Writing about anything, everything and everyone as the spirit leads. All meant to reveal, waken, revive, encourage, shame, help. Gladden, pick up, exalt, portrait, liberate. Again over 99% of my work is not about me. Although at times I write as though I were or am. Speaking e.g. in the first person. This is quite common even in the bible itself. Prophets speak of themselves, then God speaks, again the prophet, then God......Quite often it's difficult to distinguish whom it is that at any given time is speaking or narrating.

Other Poems by Michael P. Johnson

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