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The Devil's Ruse
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By Michael P. Johnson
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††††††† The Devil's Ruse

We war against our fellow man

We know when deeds are wrong

With zeal, weíll serve the devilís plan

Each time we sing his song

Weíll bear a grudge however small

Be deaf to neighbourís cries

Rejoice when seeing someone fall

And laugh at their demise

Weíll gladly break Godís every rule

Weíll lie, connive and cheat

Loving to play the devilís tool

Thriving at Satanís feet

Wallowing in his filthy ooze

Seeking for worldly gain

We care not whom we thus abuse

Regardless of their pain

But why is man yet walking dead?

From Satan still accused?

Why should the world be so misled?

Her children still abused?

Why canít she see and understand?

There is; a place to go

The Truth seeps steady through the land

Like active yeast in dough

Heaven reveals the devilís ruse

Pouring us gratis wine

So now through Christ thereís no excuse

His gospel to decline

†So leave the devil to his fate

Let Heaven show The Way

Godís day of grace is growing late

Thereís no time left to playÖ..

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Submitted: Thursday, January 24, 2013

Last Updated: Thursday, January 24, 2013

About the Poet
I never wrote a word of poetry in my life. Till the day Jesus took my hand and touched my soul.....I invite your response. However most poems are not about me! Very few are. But the feed-back good, bad or indifferent is always desired. Not meant to offend, but I write about many things in many a guise. Of life, death, lost, found, saved, backsliders, new comers, repenting souls, doubting hearts, heathens, Christians, fire, water, Satan's daughter, wallowing in sin, saved, made sound walking in Light, graceful righteous. Suffering, ecstatic, bored, excited, sad, delighted, Sick, well, lame, able, living, dying, etc. etc. etc. Writing about anything, everything and everyone as the spirit leads. All meant to reveal, waken, revive, encourage, shame, help. Gladden, pick up, exalt, portrait, liberate. Again over 99% of my work is not about me. Although at times I write as though I were or am. Speaking e.g. in the first person. This is quite common even in the bible itself. Prophets speak of themselves, then God speaks, again the prophet, then God......Quite often it's difficult to distinguish whom it is that at any given time is speaking or narrating.

Other Poems by Michael P. Johnson

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