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Ann's Flowers
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By N/A
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Ann's Flowers


at dawn, Ann led me
to a little-known
treasure trail

it served as shortcut from the river
where we'd just let the dogs run,
and sample the fun of a mid-Spring day
swim for balls, splash each other
as Canada geese dipped heads and necks
then re-emerged
or skated their bodies in silent grace
across their own corner
of the wet playground

on our route home
my friend and her shepherd, Duke
guided me to a field
by the path
strewn on one side
with periwinkle
mauve-shaded, finger points
the tiny flowers grew in flocks

"Ever heard of periwinkle blue?"
she called back
as in the May sun
I followed.

Folk would relish finding these
spritely, low-lying flora
she claimed locals were unaware
they're found so freely
in this urban strip of bush

I've always loved their name
now those of you who hate a rhyme
may choose to leave this hike
'cause this is a word I can't leave cold
for a flower that begs old-fashioned days
and old-fashioned poets' ways
upon my mind
it played a perpetual tune
as my friend
embellished her stories
and we
picked our way along

the name for this flower
jingled with our steps
and Duke's collarbell

merry twinkle
fairy sprinkle
summer wrinkle
bluebird tinkle

how rich am I to have a friend
who acquaints me with these
truths and paths
stopping time, to celebrate
the gifts that are for free


(unfortunately, three sections of close-by woodlands here have recently been bulldozed and developed, but we still have much and our community association protests every bulldozer!) aplentylas

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Submitted: Tuesday, May 7, 2002

Last Updated: Sunday, September 30, 2007

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