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The Eve of Our New Minister
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By N/A
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on this, the eve
of our new ministerís
first service in our church
hopes and prayers
build in preparation
to give welcome

anticipationís adding to
a beautiful Saturday evening
of breezy, changed air

he has many new names
and faces to match with them
a new town
far from Elgin, Ontario
which just gave him
a heartfelt honorary farewell

heís started over before
and he sounds quite easy-going
in his off-time he plays the blues
we saw this in his bio
during the extensive search
we went through

he already sounds quite cool
not that a minister has to
but weíve always had that blessing
at least with the last few

he was raised in Manitoba
and his motherís maiden name was Urquhart
wonder if she is related
to Jane, the well-known Canadian author

his first day he has a christening
how fitting, I thought
it will be a full first assignment
while for all of us, a new birth

Like my fellows in the congregation
we have struggles we'll need help with
as he guides us in our prayers
and we solicit his support

this may not be the eve of Christmas
but itís symbolic and exciting
as we anticipate our new minister
and this time, this post is permanent
at least for years to come
so think of us tomorrow
as we welcome Reverend Don

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Submitted: Saturday, September 4, 2004

Last Updated: Thursday, October 7, 2004

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