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The Lure of the Loblolly Pine
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By N/A
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The Lure of the Loblolly Pine

If I could lobby
for a select species of tree
to come and grow
in Ontario
it would be the
loblolly pine

how scrumptious the name
what a writer could do
with this
working the tongue of the pen
over its fascinating twists

one of this treeís attributes is
it acts as a natural sound barrier
always a welcome aspect to me
in this world of noise pollution

if it could survive in my choice setting
Iíd give it a home in my latest
novel maunuscript
but according to my search engine
it seems it canít belong
in the Bon Echo park environs
up here; and it would be too huge
a leap for poetic license

instead Iíll envy the folks
in North Carolina
and perhaps out in western Canada
who have such treelines
and for a while
I guess Iíll loll about and pine
over the makings of a haiku
with a loblolly in my lines
and for the m.s. be content
with Ancient Cedars
white and silver birch
and spruce, not too shabby either
and Northern and Jack Pines
I should be safe with them
though I have more research to do
I may be scouting in google
the encyclopaedia and the library
'til it's time to hunt down a
Christmas Tree

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Submitted: Thursday, June 17, 2004

Last Updated: Saturday, December 17, 2011

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