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My Hammock
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By N/A
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My Hammock


My son and I,
we scouted out
an ideal pair of trees
found good safe twine
to tether up for vacation haven
for this year, I was determined to
set up and stretch out on one.

Every summer we camp, I say that
but we never bring the apparatus
determined, I saw it got packed this time.
Afterall, I was a recent patient.

Now to relax
in nature's sway of gentle rocking

Well, it seems the moment my second foot's
just landed up beside the first
and my rear's sunk down
to comfort point,
spine relaxed
supported by orange weave,
sunscreen on and
my eyes closed beneath
the dapples of sunlight through tree leaves
walkman at the right setting and position,
and nothing but the edge of a breeze tickling
then, consistent as night and day
the ritual is unchanged

the first cry sounds from across the way,
'what's for lunch?'
'where's the shopping list, we need
to go to town'

and another voice adds,
'we're going hiking, Mom, where's...?'

It's the law of
hammock life.

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Submitted: Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Last Updated: Sunday, November 19, 2006

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