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If not Here...Then Where?
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By N/A
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If not Here...Then Where?

Church is where
I seek and count on
peace, hope, harmony
in our congregation,
and spiritual guidance
from our clergyman
on behalf of Our Lord and God

Church is where
I seek counsel and inspiration
to summon that highest part of me
and where I trust in and expect
honest collaboration with
the congregation

Church is not where
I want to know any Council members
whisper in conspiracy,
forget to revere our Reverends
and behind closed doors
compete for control
failing to give and take graciously
with the Minister(they)we chose
with God's help

Church is where
we pass the peace with each other
welcome all, work and give
as one for God
not one for all or two or three

Church is where
we as children, still,
to grow up

so let’s put the preacher, people and
original purpose for meeting here,
ahead of the politics.

As the Beatles sang
“Give Peace a Chance”
for if it cannot be practiced in church -
as microcosm
for society -
then where on earth?

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Submitted: Friday, June 2, 2006

Last Updated: Sunday, November 19, 2006

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